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Am I too late to get into MIT?

Am I too late to get into MIT?Am I too late to get into MIT?2021-07-06 14:24:25Mr_薄

What are you trying to achieve?

Getting into MIT is not a goal, it’s a means to an end. What’s your end?

Let me tell you a quick story.

My freshman year at MIT I met an amazing guy. He’d just transferred in from Orange Coast College (see: https://www.usnews.com/education/community-colleges/orange-coast-college-CC06532). Let’s call him “Phil”. He transferred into MIT after two years at a college I’d never heard of (that’s not saying much *), but Phil was one of the most brilliant mathematical minds I’ve ever encountered.

Phil lacked basic self-confidence in his own abilities walking in the door. His parents presumed he was not a capable scholar because he got rejected by CalTech in the first undergraduate admissions merry-go-round (hence, Orange Coast College).

Transfer admits are a really rare thing at MIT (the cohorts are packed and the graduation rate is very high, so opportunities for mid-cycle entry are few), and it felt like the only person who didn’t realize that was Phil. Thankfully.

Another thing Phil didn’t realize at the time was that he was an unqualified math genius.

I mean, I’d been doing matrix math since an embarrassingly young age drawing 3D animations on an IBM PC/XT at age 10, but MIT had convinced me I was an idiot (thanks, Gil Strang / 18.06) but Phil singlehandedly pulled me out of the ditch.

Anyway, Phil eventually was awarded a PhD from MIT, was an expert in electrical engineering and in mathematical modeling of unstable systems at the exact moment a major blackout occurred in the Northeastern United States. (I cannot remember whether it was this one, but it was significant : Northeast blackout of 2003 - Wikipedia)

Apparently this is called “dynamic voltage collapse” and for obvious reasons became a smoking hot topic at the time.

Phil became (and is) an expert on this phenomenon, and lended his expertise willingly (and at a high, market-clearing price!) to build resilience into the systems that had failed and led to the collapse.

He was still not 30 years old.

He had some credits from a community college in California.

He was rejected by CalTech.

He had got admitted to, studied at, and obtained a PhD from MIT.

He had been rejected from CalTech.

He figured out what he was trying to achieve.

He achieved it.

He is not only the most mathematically gifted person I’ve ever met, he’s taken that love, that skill, that craft, and solved world-changing problems with it.

I can’t begin to wrap my mind around some of the things Phil attempted to teach me. But I’ve put a few iron-fistded punches my own into the world [in different areas than Phil’s], and I’ve made a noticeable small cracks. So far.

Why do you want admission to MIT? What are you trying to achieve?

The more clarity you have around what you’re trying to achieve, and the more specifically you can describe what you’ve done already to achieve your goal, and the better you can describe your ambitions and how admission to MIT can help you achieve them will dramatically improve your chances.

My story’s point was to show you that those who seek similar chances have set the bar extremely high, because they know what their goals are, and they’re willing to sacrifice to achieve them.

Phil was 5 foot 4 or so, and loved basketball. He wanted to dunk. He wore ridiculous looking shoes around Baker at MIT to build up his calf muscles. He looked like an idiot. Eventually, he could dunk. See:

If you’re willing to (and can demonstrate an ability to) endure challenges like these, you should think about how to “get into MIT”

As I said, it’s a means to an end. What’s your end?

Am I too late to get into a top university?

Am I too late to get into a top university?2021-07-06 14:24:19Mr_濮阳

Oxford, Cambridge say, "be f*cking amazing in academics. Get all A*s, 100s, 2400s (or anywhere close) in all your exams. ECs? F*ck ECs. We want Academics and academics only. Community Service? IRDGAF, if you climbed Mt. Everest to save the homeless. Did we mention Academics? Have good academics!"

Stanford, Ivy Leagues, MIT say, "Gimme some research work. F*ck academics. Have a good olympiad? Come in for our 4 year course, then. Have the scores, have sports, be frikkin' amazing at some goddamn thing; else, GTFO"

You are not late. Choose one. Focus on it. Get in.

I'm 24. is it too late for me to get a bachelor's degree?

I'm 24. is it too late for me to get a bachelor's degree?2021-07-06 03:49:51Mr_双

Not at all. Any age is considered appropriate to get a bachelor’s degree. The younger you are (late teens/ early 20’s), the more advantages you have in terms of advancement in the workforce. However, many people who begin college straight out of high school choose a major which they later regret having chosen. I was one of those people who chose something that I later did not want to continue pursuing. Once you reach your 20’s, you usually have a better sense of who you are and what it is you desire to do with your life. You also know the workforce a little better, so it is more likely that you will choose a degree stream that is practical, and not choose something just for fun. On that note, do be intelligent and wise about your choice of majors. Don’t pick the easiest or most enjoyable option.

Way too old? Absolutely not. You’ll be 5 or 6 years behind others in getting a career in order, although in the long run, people will be going back to school, regretting their decisions, traveling, finding out their first degree was useless or not right for them, exploring life a little, raising families, changing careers, the list goes on and on here.

In short, 24 is not at all old. In fact, no age is too old to gain an education in my opinion. Older students often have more insight and maturity on their side.

Am I too late if I apply for Canada Fall Intake 2020 in December?

Am I too late if I apply for Canada Fall Intake 2020 in December?2021-06-21 05:29:30Mr_马

It is possible for you to apply in December but will be a hectic process.

Most programs have their deadline in December and they also have multiple rounds with last round deadline up until Early March, so do not worry.

Take GRE and IELTS/TOEFL as soon as possible (if asked by the program you are applying to).

You will also need your official transcripts (in-progress is fine at this stage) so apply with your university as soon as you can. Many programs will only need you to scan those and upload. But be mindful of whether the programs you are applying to require you to mail them the official transcripts or ‘scan and upload’. Remember, it will take anywhere between 15–20 days for your official transcript to be ready after you apply with your university, add few more days for delivery via mail.

Also, prepare your resume and personal statement as per the requirements of the programs you will be applying to.

Additionally, you will have to ask your professors or superiors (if going for professional LOR) for recommendations.

It will be better for you to acquire the service of professional education consultants, as it will be a very hectic process for you in this short timeline, and the consultants will certainly help you along the way. They will also be helpful if you have any queries. More importantly, they will make sure that you do not make any rectifiable mistake.

I will recommend you to go for February deadline along with the use of consultant services.

Good Luck!!

I am 20 years old and I want to go to college. Is it too late?

I am 20 years old and I want to go to college. Is it too late?2021-06-28 22:00:07Mr_滕

Tomorrow never comes until its too late, I had many fellows at my university who started late in their 20's most probably in 25s to 30s, Keeping long short, If its your dream than get your butt and make it happen. Rise & grind

I have been in the same phase of life, Before 3 years losing my mom to lung cancer, Had a same dull witted thought of ending life, Knowing no one even gives a shit if I die, Now 3 years have passed I look back say to myself in the mirror "Saurabh you made the right choice man, If you have gone through such a punch from life & Climbed a mountain, You can Climb any heights after taking many hardcore punches" So I definitely am understanding what you are going through, You might not even had to face such issue & you are talking about quitting your life, I will not become your mom or dad in this decision. Remember this if you want to give a shot to life, Punch it hard one good time in its face & it will never challenge you the way it has challenged you before.

Stop living your life with feelings & start living your life with principles, Because at the end of your little feelings there is nothing, But end of every principle there is a promise. All the best

Am I too late for MS fall 2015 session if I am writing GRE exam in Feb 15?

Am I too late for MS fall 2015 session if I am writing GRE exam in Feb 15?2021-06-26 16:26:48Mr_岳

Yes, you are very late but you still can apply to few like TAMU and UPenn.

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX: March 1, 2o16
University of Pennsylvania: March 15, 2016
Oregon State University: March 1, 2016

Of course, the deadlines varies according to the course. The above deadlines are for ECSE/ECE courses. One thing is certain, you won't be able to apply for RA/TA in any university (exceptions are always there).

All the best! Cheers :)

Is it too late to get my bachelors degree?

Is it too late to get my bachelors degree?2021-08-09 19:24:00Mr_有

It is never too late. I'm a professor and program chair at a medium sized university. The average age of our continuing students is 37, and we have had many graduates in their 70’s. I attend many information sessions for potential students. Many ask, “am I too old to start a new career? I'm — (insert age here). It is never too late. You are only limited by your self-efficacy, motivation and work ethic. I got a degree in information systems, and entered the field at 41, with no prior experience. I became a successful consultant a few years later. I finished a PhD when I was over 50 and became a professor well into my 50’s. I see people much younger then me say they wish they had gone to school and completed their degree. My response is, “what is holding you back?” It is easy to make excuses and rationalize. It is harder to have a dream and make it happen. Do it. Now. You won't regret it!

Is it too late to get an internship after graduation?

Is it too late to get an internship after graduation?2021-06-19 13:02:22Mr_阎

No, it’s not too late for getting an internship. Are you thinking that you have more time on your hands this summer than you expected? If so, then you should get an internship asap. While most internships are already taken there are still employers with thousands of opportunities ready this summer if looked into the market with a keen eye. Browse through thousands of internships with Grad Siren(https://www.gradsien.com). You can also find over twenty thousand season jobs throughout the U.S.

I am in my late twenties. If I go for MS now will it be too late for marriage?

I am in my late twenties. If I go for MS now will it be too late for marriage?2021-08-20 04:01:30Mr_缪

u need not fear of marriage .Ulpto 34 maarriage is o.k for girls. even when u are in M.S ur parents can search for groom. u can get married in 2nd yr or M.S also.most of grooms r searching for brides with M.S. So give imp to M..S