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I am in my late thirties, is it too late for law school?

I am in my late thirties, is it too late for law school?I am in my late thirties, is it too late for law school?2021-06-22 03:28:03Mr_宇文

I obtained a law degree when I was in my early 40s. I was working full-time, and had a wife and two young children. It was tough on me, and maybe tougher on my wife.

I do not practice law, other than do some basic things for family and friends. However, I do not regret having the legal education and knowledge of law. It is practical in many ways.

One of the reasons I decided not to practice law full time is that I actually earn more in the software industry than I would as an attorney. It's true.

One myth about the legal profession is that all lawyers are wealthy and make multiple six-figure salaries straight out of law school. Not true. Not all of us can graduate top of the class at Yale, Harvard or Stanford.

Also, many glamorize the legal profession. Forget about winning a landmark case, settling a multi-million dollar law suit, or saving an innocent defendant from the death penalty. Those are very rare and mostly happen in movies. Most legal work is mundane, repetitious, and trivial.

I am probably not the best one to answer your question, but I would say that it is equally split among my lawyer friends who love their profession and find it very rewarding (emotionally, if not financially), and others who despise their choice of professions.

For working adults, I would suggest that a law degree works best if you can use it to advance up a corporate ladder.

In terms of a worthy job in the field of law, there are opportunities to give time or work at a legal aid society or legal clinic. But, just be prepared for the unexpected. These altruistic efforts are not what you would expect. You'll get your fair share of liars, people wanting to avoid obligations or hoping for an easy or quick solution to a problem that was years in the making.

So, in conclusion, study law for the practical knowledge. There will be opportunities to do good, especially if you can apply the law in combination with your prior experience and knowledge. For example, with my knowledge of music, I can help aspiring songwriters copyright their recordings and original songs. As a software engineer, I have helped several inventors obtain patents.

I am 40 and I want to go back school to obtain my degree, am I too late?

I am 40 and I want to go back school to obtain my degree, am I too late?2021-07-03 23:54:29Mr_鲁

My mother started college at the age of 42. It took her 8 years to get her bachelor of arts degree. At the age of 50 she began law school, and was graduated at the age of 53. She is 83 years old now and still practicing law. My wife at the age of 52 began her studies to obtain a Master of Social Worker [MSW] degree which she just completed.

I have taught college and law school. It is well know in academia that students over the age of 30 do very well in school. Students over 30 are very serious, and they do not undertake school lightly. Regardless of what you do, in 2, 4 years from now you will be 2 or 4 years older.

You are never too old to learn. I have had students in their 60’s and 70’s in my classes as students.

Is it too late to get my bachelors degree?

Is it too late to get my bachelors degree?2021-08-09 19:24:00Mr_有

It is never too late. I'm a professor and program chair at a medium sized university. The average age of our continuing students is 37, and we have had many graduates in their 70’s. I attend many information sessions for potential students. Many ask, “am I too old to start a new career? I'm — (insert age here). It is never too late. You are only limited by your self-efficacy, motivation and work ethic. I got a degree in information systems, and entered the field at 41, with no prior experience. I became a successful consultant a few years later. I finished a PhD when I was over 50 and became a professor well into my 50’s. I see people much younger then me say they wish they had gone to school and completed their degree. My response is, “what is holding you back?” It is easy to make excuses and rationalize. It is harder to have a dream and make it happen. Do it. Now. You won't regret it!

Is it too late to go back to school at 45?

Is it too late to go back to school at 45?2021-07-25 09:36:52Mr_诸

Finally something I can reply on.

No most definitely not. My two sisters went to university and I always felt the stupid one out of us three. I was severely bullied at school for years because of a severe case of scoliosis and had to go through a major back operation. I then had to wear a huge body cast for a year. The bullies at school found this highly amusing and made it their mission to abuse me for years. I ran out of the school gates at 16 and vowed never to go to college or uni.

I always worked hard and reached Office Manager status but felt I was just cruising could do more. So I enrolled in college at the age of 44. I carried on working full time and went to college at night time. It was hard but I studied every spare minute, weekends and holidays. At the age of 48, I am now a qualified Accountant and have just landed the job of my dreams and increased my salary by £15k a year. I haven’t finished my studies and want to carry on and become a Chartered Accountant.

Never too late. I hope you achieve your dreams.

Am I too late if I apply for Canada Fall Intake 2020 in December?

Am I too late if I apply for Canada Fall Intake 2020 in December?2021-06-21 05:29:30Mr_马

It is possible for you to apply in December but will be a hectic process.

Most programs have their deadline in December and they also have multiple rounds with last round deadline up until Early March, so do not worry.

Take GRE and IELTS/TOEFL as soon as possible (if asked by the program you are applying to).

You will also need your official transcripts (in-progress is fine at this stage) so apply with your university as soon as you can. Many programs will only need you to scan those and upload. But be mindful of whether the programs you are applying to require you to mail them the official transcripts or ‘scan and upload’. Remember, it will take anywhere between 15–20 days for your official transcript to be ready after you apply with your university, add few more days for delivery via mail.

Also, prepare your resume and personal statement as per the requirements of the programs you will be applying to.

Additionally, you will have to ask your professors or superiors (if going for professional LOR) for recommendations.

It will be better for you to acquire the service of professional education consultants, as it will be a very hectic process for you in this short timeline, and the consultants will certainly help you along the way. They will also be helpful if you have any queries. More importantly, they will make sure that you do not make any rectifiable mistake.

I will recommend you to go for February deadline along with the use of consultant services.

Good Luck!!

I am almost 33, is it too late to go back to school for a masters?

I am almost 33, is it too late to go back to school for a masters?2021-07-25 09:36:48Mr_冉

No. No. No. I can only speak from experience of being on hiring panels in my industry, but I've never seen employers bat an eyelid about someone being 30+ going for junior roles. 40+ and 50+ is different (although my boss would deny it).

The only issue with doing this in your 30s as opposed to 20s is if you have commitments like mortgages, family etc. There's many solutions to this including doing it part time, selling off mortgages and loans, living at home with parents etc etc but remember you're dealing with family, not rationally minded people, whether it be that they have a need to belittle your plans, just to be troublemakers or just won't let you leave your current situation. All and well if people are reasonable and respectful, but the point remains that your age isn't much of a factor here, it's planning and support. An issue I also see a lot is where people in their 30s drop their MSc as it is too much on top of a job and they underestimated the impact of doing it full time and/or with family or spouse breathing down their kneck when they should be learning and getting it done properly. And if you do plan to do it full time don't assume in any of your planning that you will get a job quickly after graduating. An MSc is a specialist degree and as such narrows what you can aim for, albeit you might end up with a better job than you have now. It's not a “passport to more pay” or something that looks better than a BA just because of the letters.

Plan it right, respect the challenges if you have commitments and you'll be fine. Age doesn't matter here.

I want more education, but I'm in my late 30s. Is it too late?

I want more education, but I'm in my late 30s. Is it too late?2021-08-29 04:41:29Mr_柯

Think about it. There were people who were highly educated but died in their 20s. They were scientists, writers, poets, and military commanders. However, they managed to make a change in the world.

Those people had only 20+ years to achieve what they’ve achieved. Let’s say that you have 30 years of a clear mind and a productive intellectual activity ahead. Maybe even more. That means that you could comprehend the same amount of information that those intellectuals comprehended, or more.

Especially, since we have more opportunities in our age. We have access to all kinds of literature, tutorials, lectures, courses, and so on. In addition, we can use different speed reading techniques, nootropics, to boost our focus and memory, and other technological advantages.

On the other hand, people spend their time, money, and efforts on all kinds of useless hobbies, and stupid ways to entertain themselves. Some of the people simply drink beer, smoke pot, or play video games all their free time. They don’t consider it to be too late for them to spend their fading youth like this.

Thus, why don’t you become addicted to obtaining education, reading books, and seeking more knowledge? Why do people consider education as something that you have to acquire once in your life because you compelled to do so if you want to have a better job? In reality, the study is a pleasure.

Can you imagine Voltaire saying, “I’m in my late 30s, it’s too late for me to become more educated”? Where would we be if he said so? He studied until he died in his 83 years. Even Joseph Stalin, the villain, studied all his life to imply his evil plans more effectively. All the more so, positive people should study all their lives to make the world a better place.

Even if you’ll not be able to imply your fresh acquired knowledge to make money, you’ll bring benefit to the world. Young people will imitate your example. You’ll invest money in courses, books, and stuff like that, instead of wasting them on primitive branches of our culture. Thus you’ll sponsor intellectuals, and you’ll cut the budget of... I don’t know... strip clubs.

Is it too late to go back to school at the age of 25?

Is it too late to go back to school at the age of 25?2021-07-25 09:36:39Mr_杨

I certainly hope not cause I’ve got several more years on you and I’m looking at going back to finish what I started forever ago.


I will say this. While it may never be too late to go back, it might be too late to go back and get the results you’re looking for.

I would hesitate strongly to suggest anyone 25 or older go back and get a full on, typical degree. You’re 25 now. You’ll be 30 by the time you get that 4year degree. While being 30 in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, the part you have to consider is will that degree make much of a difference when you are 30 or not. There is a lot to be said about experience. Would another 4–5 years experience get you to the same place a degree would?

Sure, we all imagine being able to work full time and go to school full time, but unless you have an awesome support structure at home, in the adult world that is almost impossible. I know very few places where you can have a full time job that will flex its time around your school schedule ever few months. And I’m talking about “grown up” jobs. Not simply 40 hour a week jobs. I mean, adult, paying bills, buying a house, getting on with life type jobs. If you have a job like that now, or imagine wanting a job like that before you turn 30, again, you’ve got to be realistic with what that means. You might not be able to go to school full time and work a “grown up” job.

So now you’re looking at being more like 33/34 years old by the time you finish school. Assuming you work at this same job and get good experience over the next 7–9 years, are you going to end up in a difference position once you graduate? Is there some door of opportunity that only a degree will open up that 7+ years experience won’t?

That’s the thing that so many of “us” “should I go back” people struggle with. It isn’t an instant fix. Going to school will not do anything for your current situation and a vast majority of the time, the current situation, is what we are trying to fix by going back to school.

So I suggest this, perhaps a traditional degree isn’t the right move, but maybe “going back to school” really means going and getting certifications and piling those up. My local state university does a business management certification and it is only 18 credit hours. There are lots of Project management certifications too. There are even some engineering certifications for my industry. All of those would be more beneficial to me than a 4 year degree at this point.
Maybe that’s your situation too. Really look at the options. Be realistic with where you want to end up. Set a goal, and work your way backwards. What do you need, really need, to get to that goal, and what are you willing to do to get there.

Now, maybe you’re not in that situation. Maybe you’re in the boat that a lot of other 20 somethings find themselves in. They didn’t go to school because “it wasn’t worth it” when they were 18/19 years old. They had buddies go off to different schools, and meanwhile, it was a better move for you to get a job. Maybe it worked for a couple years. But now you’re in your mid 20’s and your job sucks. And you don’t see any future. Maybe you’re struggling with the whole “what am I going to do with my life” that we all go through and you don’t have any idea because all of the options seem closed because you have no direction and your fast food based resume just isn’t cutting it anymore. If that is your situation, then yes. Go back to school. Accept the fact that you’ll be in a different position in life than a majority of other people in class, and that’s ok. You’re not doing it for them. You’re doing it for you. Do it. And get that degree, and do great things.


there’s always a but isn’t there.

DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT go back to school because you’re sitting there watching your friends that did graduate get these great jobs and you don’t have what you think they do. I’ve seen this too many times. People compare their situation to someone else’s, and they start to make really silly choices and it just digs it deeper. Remember, your current situation is just that, the current one. It will change in a couple of years and meanwhile, your buddies will be in over their heads in student loan debt and living beyond their means and stressed out and not doing anything cool anymore either.

Do it, but for the right reasons.

I am 21. Is it too late to apply for an undergraduate at a top university?

I am 21. Is it too late to apply for an undergraduate at a top university?2021-07-06 14:24:52Mr_郦

It is never too late to start or continue your education !!!

Follow your heart and do your best. That is all that anyone can ever ask from you and all you can ever (or should ever) expect from yourself.

Now as for a "top 20 university"...exactly what is that? Rankings of colleges are done to sell magazines and books. A "top 8" university is what you need. And what exactly is a "top 8" university? It is a school at which they have your intended course of study, that fits what you want in a school, that is the size you want, at a price you can afford, in an area you would be happy living, where your grades/scores meet their criteria. And finally take a look at the rate of employment of their graduates...since at the end of this journey you do want to find a job right?

You need about 8 of these schools that fit YOU to apply to so that you will have at least one to attend after the admissions process is completed.

So understand, that the top school for you is not the top school for anyone else since everyone is different. Find the path that YOU want to follow and the rest will take care of itself.

Good luck !

I am 20 years old and I want to go to college. Is it too late?

I am 20 years old and I want to go to college. Is it too late?2021-06-28 22:00:07Mr_滕

Tomorrow never comes until its too late, I had many fellows at my university who started late in their 20's most probably in 25s to 30s, Keeping long short, If its your dream than get your butt and make it happen. Rise & grind

I have been in the same phase of life, Before 3 years losing my mom to lung cancer, Had a same dull witted thought of ending life, Knowing no one even gives a shit if I die, Now 3 years have passed I look back say to myself in the mirror "Saurabh you made the right choice man, If you have gone through such a punch from life & Climbed a mountain, You can Climb any heights after taking many hardcore punches" So I definitely am understanding what you are going through, You might not even had to face such issue & you are talking about quitting your life, I will not become your mom or dad in this decision. Remember this if you want to give a shot to life, Punch it hard one good time in its face & it will never challenge you the way it has challenged you before.

Stop living your life with feelings & start living your life with principles, Because at the end of your little feelings there is nothing, But end of every principle there is a promise. All the best